2017 Award Recipients

On the 9th April 2018 NZCPA honored our players and administrators for their excellence and contribution for our sport in the 2017 year at the annual awards evening. Although being lower key than last year, 124 members attended this evening.

We would like to congratulate the following people for earning their awards, and all of our members so such a successful 2017.

Most Valuable Administrator: Megan Bolton
Most Valuable Coach: Luke Anderson
Most Valuable Referee: Andi Fear-Ross

NZCPA Player Awards:

U18 Men:
Player Potential Award: Joshua Vivian
Players Player Awards: Liam Ward
Most Valuable Player Award: Patrick Bould

U18 Women:
Player Potential Award: Ava White
Players Player Awards: Krista McJarrow-Keller
Most Valuable Player Award: Casey Hales

U21 Men:
Player Potential Award: Liam Bowden
Players Player Awards: Connor Taylor
Most Valuable Player Award: Connor Taylor

U21 Women:
Player Potential Award: Hayley Cameron
Players Player Awards: Kate Blincoe
Most Valuable Player Award: Kate Blincoe

Veteran Open:
Players Player Award: Carl Massarotto

Masters Open:
Players Player Award: Lincoln Mackay

Senior Men:
Players Player Awards: Jed Graham

Most Valuable Player Award: Nevan Hadley

Senior Women:
Players Player Awards: Erin Moore
Most Valuable Player Award: Erin Moore

Photo’s of the awards evening can be found at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vr1XpkALTzqTRZ0xNRfBiCdasbkjgQxe

Photo credits Samuel Russell