Board of Directors

Michael Beauchamp (President)



Colleen Sheldon



Andi Fear-Ross (Chairperson)

Lives in: Christchurch
Family: Married to Aaron, Two children – Luca and Milly
Current Polo club: Burnside Canoe Polo
First started playing canoe polo: 1991

Andi began playing canoe polo at High School as part of her Outdoor Education programme. She played her first nationals the year she started in 1991 where she was selected for the NZ Junior Womens Team. In 1994, Andi was selected in the NZ Women’s team to travel to GB, England for the Inaugural World Champs but withdrew due to injury prior to departure. Although she stayed involved in polo enjoying it at a domestic level, it wasn’t until she toured Europe as co-coach of the USA team in 1998 and saw the sport being played on the continent and at World Champs that she felt inspired to get fully involved again. As part of her OE/during her time living in the UK, she was selected for the GB team where she was a member of the national womens team for four years. This included winning a Gold medal at the European Champs in Poland (2001) and her highlight of winning a gold medal at the World Champs in Japan in 2004. She has trained and played with some outstanding players and while in Europe she created various teams with other international players from France, Germany, GB and Italy playing in weekend competition and in 2005 she was invited to bolster an Italian club side in their National League, leading them to their finals competition. She took another break from the international scene to have children and return to NZ. 2009 led her back to national honours where she played for NZ at the World Games in Taiwan in 2009, co-coached at the Oceania Champs the same year, followed by competing at the World Masters Games where her team took the gold medal.

Andi joined the board in 2015, and currently works as in a variety of contract roles.

National Polo involvement

Australian Junior Tour 1992: NZ Junior player – Gold Medal
Aotearoa Champs: 1995 NZ player
World Championships: 1998 Co-coach of USA and Referee, 2002 GB player, 2004 GB player – Gold Medal, 2014 (Referee) European Champs: 2001 – GB player – Gold Medal, 2003 – GB Player – Bronze Medal World Games: 2009 Oceania Championships: 2009 (NZ Women’s Co-coach)
World Masters Championships: 2009 – Gold Medal Nationals/National league A Grade: 1992-1995 (Purple Death, Soggy Ducks, Petals – UCCC), 1996-1997 (Auckland), 1997-1999 (Burnside), 1999-2008 (Meridian and St Albans, UK), 2005 (Palermo, Italy), 2009-2016 (Nemesis and NemMRS – Burnside)


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Cameron (Cam) Butler

Lives in: Auckland

Family: Nicolette plus boys Finn and Kieran

Polo club: ACP

First started polo: Howick College 1993

Starting late at school Cam initially thought Canoe Polo was a silly sport and went away.  Only to return due to friends playing a month later and then get hooked.  Unable to roll for 18 months Cam specialised in goal and played at the National Secondary School Champs after three months of playing the sport.

Now 21 years later and only two lots of 6 months off Cam still has a great passion for the sport through both playing, organising plus making kayaks all while being an at home dad to Finn and Kieran.  (Finn has a polo boat already)  After competing at the 2004 World Champs a mountain biking accident put paid to further high level polo so B grade is now the best fit for time, fitness and injuries.

Cam is a past president, past chair of the board, past president of ACP and Kiwi clubs and while he used to be chief official at almost every competition due to business commitments playing, being on the board and running Polo Mania are the main responsibilities at the moment.

NZ level polo involvement: 2013 NZ Vets B team (c), 2011 NZ Vets B team  (c), 2004 NZ Senior team, 1996 NZ U21 team

National League: Current Slackers (B grade), Kaos (A grade)



Alison Neilson

Born: Palmerston North

Lives in: Christchurch

Husband: Thomas

Children: Lily

Polo Club: Burnside Canoe Polo

First Started Polo: Palmerston North Girls High School

Ali’s passion for polo began as a 14 year old at high school. After a slow start (learning to roll took a year!) she soon learned to paddle in a straight line / while catching a ball almost out of arms reach / while railing against a tackle / all the while looking for her next pass. In fact, it’s that complex nature of the sport, as well as the fast paced action that Ali loves about the sport. With great support through Kiwi Canoe Polo club, she was selected for the Women’s national team at 19. After almost 10 years in the national team, Ali is now retired from international competition but still loves playing local polo and the National League series. Ali is a Chartered Accountant and is currently the Group Financial Accountant at Kathmandu. Prior to this she worked for KPMG.

Polo involvement: World Champs 2002, 2004, 2006 (c), 2008 (c), 2010 (c) World Games 2005, 2009 (c) Oceania Champs 2003, 2005, 2007 (c)

National League for Valkyries (PN), Sirens (Wgtn) and Nemesis (Chch)


Greg Oke

Lives in: Palmerston North

Current Polo club: Kiwi Canoe Polo


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