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2018 World Championships Coaching Applications

NZCPA is looking to appoint new coaching staff for the 2018 World Championships campaign to the following positions:

•Assistant Men’s Coach- closes 17th August 2017
•Head Coach: Women- closes 31st August 2017
•Head Coach: Men- closes 31st August 2017

We envisage coaches starting the U21 campaign in September 2017and the Senior Campaign starting in October/November. Coaches would be expected to run 5-7 training camps prior to touring with the teams to the World Championships. All reasonable costs associated with the role are covered. Coaches are expected to work with the Squad management to shape the final tour to meet the expectation of good results (within the constraints of a player-funded model). The World Championships are being held in Welland, Canada, August 1-5 2018.

NZCPA is also looking to run a Junior Development program for U18 players at the beginning of 2018. We expect our National Coaches to be involve in shaping this program as well.

If you have any queries around these roles please feel free to contact the Executive Director: James Mitchell on 021684993 or

2018 NZ Coach Application Form

2018 Team Coach position description

2018 Assistant Coach position description

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New Schools Director Appointment

NZCPA would like to announce that Kelly Hepburn has been appointed to the Schools Director position. Kelly brings a wealth of experience and passion to our executive team, we will see Kelly in her element hosting the Secondary School Nationals final 24-26 March at Makino Aquatic in Feilding. Welcome Kelly.


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NZCPA appoint new squads director

After a successful stint as the Oceania Squads manager, we are pleased to announce the appointment of David Morritt onto the Executive as a the Squads Director. We are looking forward to being able to better organise and deliver our Squads activities. David has a number of ideas on how we can improve our systems and processes after his Oceania experience and feedback.

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NZCPA would like to advise all it members that the 2017 AGM will be held 3rd June 2017, 1pm at Naenae Pool, 2 Everest Ave, Naenae, Lower Hutt.

The previous minutes and annual report can be found on the website

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NZCPA Award winners

NZCPA held our first awards dinner on the 18th March in Christchurch. The evening was a huge success with our members able to celebrate an immensely successful 2016 and award its members in the following categories.

Most valued administrator: Penny Dustin
Most valued coach: Carl Massarotto
Most valued referee: Michael Beauchamp

NZ Player Awards
Most valued player (Coach choice)
Paddle Ferns: Jordan Housiaux
Paddle Blacks: Matt Keong
u21 Paddle Ferns: Stephanie Dryfhout
u21 Paddle Blacks: Aaron Crabb

Player’s Player (voted by team)
Paddle Ferns: Jordan Housiaux
Paddle Blacks: Matt Keong
u21 Paddle Ferns: Stephanie Dryfhout
u21 Paddle Blacks: Aaron Crabb

Most Player Potential (Coach choice)
Female: Madison Gaiger-Grove
Male: Cole Hawkins

Congratulations to all recipients, and a big thank you to Andi Fear-Ross and Olivia Spencer-Bower for all your time and effort spent making the evening such a huge success.

We look forward to seeing what 2017 brings.

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NZ Oceania teams announced

NZCPA are pleased to announce the representative teams who will be competing at the 2017 Oceania Championships 22-24 April, Palmerston North. The previous Oceania championships saw our teams take away gold in six out of the seven categories, which enabled NZ to regain the Julian Carter memorial trophy which Australia had claimed in 2013.

During the 2016 Canoe Polo World Championships, the New Zealand Senior Women’s and Senior Men’s Teams qualified entry to the 2017 World Games being held in Wroclaw, Poland during 20th-30th July. Following the Oceania championships, the NZ Men’s and Women’s Squads will continue preparation for this. New Zealand Senior A teams will be selected to compete at the 2017 World games after/ at the 2017 Oceania championships.

We look forward to seeing our teams in action in the coming weeks. Well done paddlers.

Snr Womens A
Erin Bolton (V Capt)
Julie Bolton
Kate Bolton
Jordy Housiaux (Capt)
Paris Pidduck
Gemma Potaka
Liv Spencer-Bower

Snr Womens B
Sarah Adderley (Ralton) (V Capt)
Kelsie Campbell
Sian Fendall
Alexia Hinton
Jess Nugteren
Kaylie Potaka
Nicole Symons
Sophie Winton (Cap)

U21 Women A
Kate Blincoe (Capt)
Hayley Cameron
Milly Douglas
Greer Edilson
Leah Morrison
Klara Richter (V Capt)
Lisa Storrier
Kelsey Wilde

U21 Women B
Toni Baker
Anna Flett
Meg Gallen
Emily Jagoutz
Emma Malcolm
India McJarrow-Keller (Capt)
Mikayla Mead (V Capt)
Georgia Wheeler

U18 Women A
Kayleigh Gourman
Casey Hales
Krista McJarrow-Keller (Capt)
Amy Saunders (V Capt)
Abbie Sawkins
Sam Spencer
Hana-Tia Ross
Ava White

U18 Women B
Jenna Borst
Gemma Fraser​
Jess Forbes (Capt)
Roslyn Gray
Madi McGregor
Rebecca Shepherd
Mia Thomas (V Capt)
Ashleigh Van Uffelen

Senior men A:
Carl Duncan(C)
Jed Graham
Nevan Hadley
Sam Hapeta
Matt Keong
Alex Lowen
James Mitchell
Conor Sellwood

Senior Men B:
Jason Dalziel (co-captain)
Luke Dustin (co-captain)
James Gibb
Mitch Graham
Cole Hawkins
Jade Johnson
Kyzen Macdonald

U21 Men A
Ethan Flanders (C)
Phillip Massarotto
Oliver Morritt
Matthew Oke
Jake Talbot
Connor Taylor (VC)
Liam Warren
Callum Wilde

U21 Men B
Liam Bowden
Jake Devlin
Harry Dickons
Josh Duncan
Joe Easley
James McNatty (C)
Matthew Sawyer
Ryan Stevens

U18 MenA
Patrick Bould
Hunter Burns (v captain)
Liam Brunton
Josh Gray
Jayden Petersen
Josh Vivian
Liam Ward
Tom Whale (captain)

U18 Men B
Gordon Brown (captain)
Brad Brunton
Regan Chambers
Renzo Childs
Alex Hare
Andrew Hearn
Matt Patient
Bede Skinner-Vennell

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2017 National league entries

An impressive 57 teams have registered to compete in the 2017 national league series. With tournaments due to kick off in the next few weeks we are sure these teams will showcase our sport with some hard fought games and impressive skills. Good luck teams.

Bailiffs Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Expose PNCC
Hurricanes A1 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurricanes A2 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Justice Burnside Canoe Polo Club
JustUs Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Knights Wellington Canoe Polo
Storms Auckland Canoe Polo
Tūkaitaua Wellington Canoe Polo
Viking Black Kiwi Canoe Polo
Viking Bronze Kiwi Canoe Polo
Viking Gold Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings Valhalla Kiwi Canoe Polo

Dumbledore’s Army (DA) Horowhenua Canoe Polo
Generation Y Otaki Canoe Club
Hurrikets A Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
NemMrs Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Sirens Wellington Canoe Polo
Valkyries Black Kiwi Canoe Polo
Valkyries X Kiwi Canoe Polo

Argonauts Deep South Canoe Polo Club
Demons Deep South Canoe Polo Club
Guvnors Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Hot Shots Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Hurricanes B1 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurricanes B2 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurricanes B3 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Paddle Ferns Other
Paladins Wellington Canoe Polo
Sentinels Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Slackers Auckland Canoe Polo
Vikings all stars Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings iron Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings silver Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings steel Kiwi Canoe Polo
Wallies Otaki Canoe Club
Wai Worries Wairarapa Paddlers
X Wai Z Wairarapa Paddlers

Angels Deep South Canoe Polo Club
Avengers Auckland Canoe Polo
Guardians Burnside Canoe Polo Club
Hurrikets B1 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurrikets B2 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurrikets B3 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurrikets B4 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Valkyries Phoenix Kiwi Canoe Polo
Valkyries Ravens Kiwi Canoe Polo
Valkyries Swifts Kiwi Canoe Polo
Wai Wonders Wairarapa Paddlers
Wildcats Otaki Canoe Club

Hurricanes C1 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Hurricanes C2 Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Rapscallions Auckland Canoe Polo
Tron Hamilton Canoe Polo
Vikings Blue Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings Chrome Kiwi Canoe Polo
Vikings Red Kiwi Canoe Polo

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NZ Senior Selectors required

New Zealand Canoe Polo Association are seeking a selector for the following positions:

•Senior Women (Oceania teams and World Games team)
•Senior Men (World Games team)

Selection for the teams are as follows:

•Senior Women: Oceania teams (Otaki training camp March 4/5), World Games team (Oceania Championships April 22-24th)
•Senior Men: World Games team (Oceania Championships April 22-24th)

· The roles will involve selecting teams in coordination with the respective Head coaches and assistant coaches.

· Any reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed.

· Applicants for the Men’s Selector are to be sent to Andi FearRoss (due to conflict of interest with Executive Director), Women’s Selector are to be sent to James Mitchell

Selectors appointed should ideally:

· Know the game, skills and tactics involved.

· Be familiar with other requirements (such as dynamics of a tour) for Teams competing at international level

· Be flexible to the requirements of the Team Coach.

· Be able to assess the Applicants in an unbiased and impartial manner.

NZ Selector Application Form _2017

Applications to be completed by 24 February.

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2017 Oceania Coach and Manager Appointments

NZCPA are pleased to announce the following coach and manager appointments for the 2017 Oceania campaign.

Head Coach Women: Peter Housiaux
Assistant Women’s coach: Luke Anderson
U18 W coach: Lydia Nuttall
U18 coach mentor: Kate Bolton

Head Men’s Coach: Steve Hunt
Assistant Men’s Coach: Eric Gurden

Squad manager: David Morritt
Assistant Squad Manager: Anita Sharratt
Assistant Squad Manager (Women): Meryn Hinton

With over 120 player applications for Oceania we are sure that the coach and management team will be busy over the next few months shaping the teams ready to defend the Julian Carter memorial trophy.

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Paddle Ferns bring home gold at canoe polo world championships

paddle ferns

The New Zealand women’s canoe polo team (Paddle Ferns) beat Germany 3-2 this morning to secure gold at the canoe polo world championships in Syracuse, Italy.

The team captained by Jordan Housiaux went undefeated throughout the championships; however, in the last game of pool play drew with the defending champion German side 2-2. The Paddle Ferns went on to face 3rd ranked France in their semi final to topple them 4-2 to send the paddle ferns through to the grand final.

The final was a powerful display of what the paddle ferns had to offer, Housiaux scored the first goal in the opening minutes of the game, followed by Emma Hicks of Palmerston North. The team went into half time up by 2 and feeling the positive support of the crowd.

Early into the second half the Germans put on offensive pressure, however, the paddle ferns stayed cool, calm and collected and with some outstanding goaling by Kate Bolton held the Germans out for most of the half.

With 7 minutes to go the Germans turned the heat up and managed to turn over the ball, only to be shut down by the kiwi’s defence. Desperation set in for the Germans with 4 minutes left on the clock and they played a ‘press’ (one on one marking) on the paddle ferns, however, a bit of pressure was nothing for the paddle ferns who retained the ball and kept pressure on the offensive.

3 minutes remained in the game and the German side made a vital error by an illegal substitution taking their team down to 4 players for 2 minutes of the game, however, managed to come back and score 2 goals in the remaining time. Germany’s comeback had come too late as the Paddle Ferns had done enough to secure them the gold medal for 2016.

The last time the NZ women won a medal it was at the 2006 world championships where they secured the silver medal, losing to Germany. Of the silver medal team two players Olivia Spencer-Bower and Megan Lyons still represent NZ in the paddle ferns. The gold medal is the first ever gold for NZ canoe polo.

The build up for the world championships has been 15 months of hard work including 7 training and selection camps, as well as competing as a team in the national league competition, and heading over to Europe a month early to acclimatise and compete in local tournaments.

Coach Peter Housiaux said he felt ‘pretty good’ after the gold winning match ‘the women deserved the medal and have worked their hearts out and the total team work and total trust’ won them the game.

From here after a well deserved rest the team will be focusing on the world games in Wroclaw, Poland next year. After coaching for the past 4 world championships Housiaux’s message for New Zealand players was ‘keep going at it, we have a huge number of top athletes coming through and feeding in. The more we get in, the better we get at these types of events’.

The NZ tour was its most successful to date as the final placing for the teams were:

1st Paddle Ferns
3rd Junior Paddle Ferns
5th Paddle Blacks
6th Junior Paddle Blacks

Game footage can be found at

Paddle Ferns
Erin Bolton
Kate Bolton
Emma Hicks
Jordan Housiaux (c)
Megan Lyons
Jordan Pearse
Paris Pidduck
Olivia Spencer-Bower
Coach: Peter Housiaux
Womens Manager: Jane Bertelsen

Paddle Blacks
Jason Dalziel
Carl Duncan
Luke Dustin
Jed Graham
Mitch Graham
Nevan Hadley
Matt Keong
Alex Lowen
James Mitchell (c)
Conor Sellwood
Coach: Steve Hunt
Mens Manager: Lisa Hunt

U21 Junior Paddle Ferns
Stephanie Dryfhout (c)
Sian Fendall
Madison Gaiger-Grove
Alexia Hinton
Jordyn Pfeiler (vc)
Ella Richardson
Britney Rolston
Lucia Stettner
Coach: Luke Anderson

U21 Junior Paddle Blacks
Connor Taylor
Alex Nieuwenhuis
Ollie Maassen
Aaron Crabb
Ruifa Huang
Cole Hawkins
Ethan Flanders
Sam Hapeta (c)
Coach: Mike Taylor

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