Coaching Managers Appointment

We are pleased to announce this role has been filled as a shared partnership between Jacqui Frost and Dean Hepburn.

Jacqui has a long association with polo. Most of you will know her as Frosty’s wife or Liam’s
mum. Currently she is working with Kiwi in the role of Coaching Coordinator. She has a
degree in Accountancy, and then gained a Post Graduate Diploma to become a primary
school teacher. She is a team leader and specializes in developing and delivering resilience
programs. Jacqui is also currently undertaking further education in educational
Jacqui’s passion is in empowering teams and in developing people.

Dean is a graduate of the Bachelor of Recreation and Sport at E.I.T Hawke’s Bay, where he
focused intensely on sports coaching and the development of sport. While there his focus
was on road cycling where he helped develop and deliver the Introduction to Road Cycling
program for Cycling New Zealand. He also manages and coaches endurance athletes from
elite to juniors and has helped develop junior cycling within Hawke’s Bay. Dean has also
coached hockey and studied the biomechanics of sports including basketball which
correlates well into canoe polo. He currently coaches canoe polo at Havelock North High
School, with managing and coaching the Senior B boys and assists the Senior Girls coaching
team as an endurance coach.
Dean’s passion within this role is to develop technical coaching capability and deliver a
pathway for coaching development.

Together, we want to ensure our coaches are well resourced and supported at every level of
Canoe Polo. Ensuring that we have a nationwide network of coaches that have a culture of
learning and development is a key component of this. We are looking forward to working
alongside our coaches to develop these areas.

Jacqui and Dean can be contacted on