National League Championships

Our premier national event offers three divisions of inter-club competition in a multi-tournament series to find New Zealand’s top club teams. This competition takes place between March and June over a series of seven tournaments at competition venues spread throughout the country. The National League A Grade titles are undoubtedly New Zealand Canoe Polo’s most coveted national titles.

Any enquires about the National League Championships should be sent to the Competitions Director Jed Graham.

2019 National League

Please find the entry form for all National League teams at the link below:

2019 National League Entry Form

All teams (new or returning) must enter the grade they wish to play in. Spots in grades will be determined via the challenge system guidelines on the National League page of the NZCPA website.
The last day for entries is Sunday January 20th.

2019 Competitions Calendar (January – June)

2019 National League Format – A Grade

2019 National League Format – B Grade

2019 National League Format – C & D Grade

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2019 National League Outline of Format Changes

2019 National League Challenge System Guidelines

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2018 National League Results

2018 NL Format C Grade

2018 NL Format B Grade

2018 NL Format A Grade

2018 NL C Grade Finals (Naenae) V2

2018 NL A Grade Round 1 & 2 Results Summary


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