2014 B & C Grade Final Results



Photo: Knights 2014 Open B Grade Winners. Picutre Supplied by Carol Storier.
After a last minute curve ball thrown by the unfortunate closure of the B League Finals venue, the weekend turned out a great success. Thanks to frantic organisation and consultation from James Mitchell the Competitions Director and Lauren Hudson the Naenae Pool manager a very successful tournament was run at Stokes Valley Pool. Our thanks to Steve Mercer and the pool staff who accommodated us and for the many things they did to assist.In the C grade things were very tight after the Wellington round with only 4 points separating first and second, which had SPIVS and Otaki separated only by a goal difference of seven over the whole Competition . Dad’s Army and Viking United also were separated by three goals on goal difference. After a close final Hurricanes C took the C grade title.Hurrikets completed their domination throughout the competition by winning the Women’s B Grand Final. The three Valkyries teams jockeyed for position each tournament, but finally Valkyries A came out on top to compete in the final and come second.

Otaki Hunting and Fishing, the dark horse of the previous rounds, gave a strong showing to compete in the final. An exciting final had the spectators on the edge of their seats, cheering and groaning as the game swung one way or the other. It was only in the dying seconds of the second period of extra time that the Knights sealed their victory.

Congratulations to all medal winners, in particular those taking first prize.

Thanks to Penny Dustin the Chief Official and her team for having such a smooth running competition in testing conditions and thanks to all the teams for coping with the restrictions with such good humour.

For full results see the National League page.

Michael Beauchamp