Referee Manager Appointment

Referee Manager Appointment

NZCPA would like to announce the appointment of Darren Austin to the executive as the Referee Manager.

This referee manager role is about the process of managing our referee qualification process and other referee administration and directing people to the right place. This role is not about the rules.

Darren is a Senior Football referee and an International Taekwondo referee so it made sense after his oldest child Kase and now his youngest daughter having both been actively involved in the sport at a national level, he felt the timing is right to share his experience and knowledge with NZCPA.

Darren is able to be contacted on

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Coaching Director Appointment

NZCPA would like to announce the appointment of Dean Hepburn to the executive as the Coaching Director. This role has long been unfilled and we are excited to have Dean take on this challenge to create a coaching structure and bring leadership to our coaching development. Dean brings professional coaching qualifications as well as experience coaching Cycling, hockey, basketball and recently taking up Canoe Polo coaching. Our Clubs and regions can expect dean to contact then shortly as he begins his role. Dean is able to be contacted on

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Applications for Funding Director Position

NZCPA is looking for a funding superstar. We are looking at someone to oversee the funding applications on behalf of our association. This role is critical for the association to meet its current objectives, without this we will need to either revisit association costs and/or membership levies. We are open to the role being shared.

Please contact the NZCPA Executive Director to apply or for further information.

Role position details: Funding Director Role Description 

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NZCPA “Road to 2021 – 2024” Development Camp

NZCPA are happy to confirm that we will be hosting a large development camp in Palmerston North 14th – 15th December 2019. Road to 2021-2024.

The purpose of this camp is to provide the next generation of our athletes with the skill sets to improve their level of play and challenge for positions in our future national teams.

More information can be found here: Road to 2021 – 2024 Information

The application form can be found here: Road to 2021 – 2024 Application

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2020 Rome World Championships – Senior Women’s Co-coach Appointment

NZCPA is excited to announce the appointment of Freya Hogarth to Co-coach the Paddle Ferns for the 2020 World Championship Campaign. Freya will work alongside retuning coach Phil Hart in this role.

Freya brings a wealth of canoe polo experience and professional skills to the role. As a former Paddle Fern with 11 years on the team she has a proven ability to learn Canoe Polo, sport specific skills and effectively train as an elite level athlete. She is committed to the development of players at all levels and is keen to contribute to the legacy of the Senior Women’s Canoe Polo team.

Freya had this to say “being involved in a coaching role has been a personal aspiration for many years. I’m passionate about the current and future potential of our Elite New Zealand teams and keen to contribute towards the development of clear pathways for junior players into senior NZ teams.

We are all looking forward to following and supporting the Paddle Ferns as they work towards building a strong team that is capable of challenging for the gold medal next year.

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2020 Rome World Championships – Domestic Managers Applications

NZCPA is looking for 3 domestic based managers to support our New Zealand teams. These positions do not require overseas travel, perhaps with the exception of the Senior (potentially). 
The purpose of these positions is to help the named squad by supporting and organising their training camps and helping with preparations prior to the squad departing for the tour. Reporting, budgeting and sharing information will also be part of this role. 
This role requires you work with the coaches, squad members and Squads Director. Managers may be expected to attend training camps to help with meal preparation and general support work.

Applications close on the 13th of September 2019. Please see the ‘NZ Squads’ page for more information and applications.

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New Board Members

At the recent AGM the membership voted in the following board members: Andi Fear-Ross (2 year term), Meryn Hinton (2 years) and Andrew McFadzean (1 year). NZCPA welcomes the two new incoming board members Meryn and Andrew, looking forward to their input in shaping our sport. 

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