NZ Senior Selectors required

New Zealand Canoe Polo Association are seeking a selector for the following positions:

•Senior Women (Oceania teams and World Games team)
•Senior Men (World Games team)

Selection for the teams are as follows:

•Senior Women: Oceania teams (Otaki training camp March 4/5), World Games team (Oceania Championships April 22-24th)
•Senior Men: World Games team (Oceania Championships April 22-24th)

· The roles will involve selecting teams in coordination with the respective Head coaches and assistant coaches.

· Any reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed.

· Applicants for the Men’s Selector are to be sent to Andi FearRoss (due to conflict of interest with Executive Director), Women’s Selector are to be sent to James Mitchell

Selectors appointed should ideally:

· Know the game, skills and tactics involved.

· Be familiar with other requirements (such as dynamics of a tour) for Teams competing at international level

· Be flexible to the requirements of the Team Coach.

· Be able to assess the Applicants in an unbiased and impartial manner.

NZ Selector Application Form _2017

Applications to be completed by 24 February.