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 Schools Development

New Zealand Canoe Polo encourages the development of schools canoe polo throughout New Zealand. Recognising the strength of schools polo in the Central Region, various initiatives are underway with emphasis on the Northern Region and the South Island.

Support available directly to schools or to clubs delivering schools polo include school specific coaches and referees courses. Also, the delivery of schools competitions specific to Northern Region and the South Island, and development of schools teams in preparation for these events is a key focus.


Any schools requesting development support should contact our Sports Development Officer Andi Fear-Ross (South Island).


New Zealand Canoe Polo Schools Championships & Regional Qualifiers

Our premier event for secondary school teams is the New Zealand Canoe Polo Schools Championships. Teams must qualify through regional qualification tournaments to be eligible to compete at Schools Champs Finals. The regional qualification events are run by members of the Schools Council.  Check out the Schools Championships page for more information about this event.


Schools Council

Schools Council Director – Kelly Hepburn

Northern Regional Coordinator – Kurt Mastny

Central West Regional Coordinator – Sarah Orme

Central East Regional Coordinator – Meghann Corbett

Central South Regional Coordinator – vacant

South Island Regional Coordinator – Peter Anderson